Some Light Training to Close Out the Boxing Month


September was pretty busy in the World of Boxing. Lots of ups-and-downs.  Perhaps the lowest point: Canelo-GGG. Pretty bizarre, not much else to say on the matter. Here are two decent recap/analysis articles from Deadspin:

Adalaide Byrd Must Have Slept Through The Middle Rounds

Adalaide Byrd Will Now Only Be Issuing Baffling Scorecards In Unimportant Fights

Thankfully, not even a week later we were saved w/ this gem by our friend, former Irish Olympian Mick Conlan:

Awesome finish! (knockdown and RSC at about the 9:38 mark in the vid above)

All-in-all though, we had a good month back here at the gym.  Hoping the same for you. In case you haven’t caught it via our Twitter or FB, please join us via Periscope (link below) for a little bit of light training to close out the month. Talk soon!