The Gym

In the beginning

Having learned to box while growing up in Ireland, Marty McGarry quickly became one of the South Side’s best amateur boxers after moving to Chicago in 1969.  Extending his love for the sport beyond his fighting days, in 1996 Marty established McGarry’s Boxing Club by converting his garage into a USA Boxing certified gym.  At the gym, Marty has gone on to train Olympians, Golden Gloves champions, and boxers from all walks of life otherwise.  It is a fixture in the Beverly community, for whom Marty has served as a mentor and friend to all.

A quick tour

The McGarry Boxing Club gym is straight business. It’s spartan environment bears the same character of all who train here, one of focus, discipline, and camaraderie.

McGarry Boxing Club Ring

On the second floor, the gym features a sparring ring and all manner of hanging, uppercut, and speed bags. Circuit training begins on the second floor, and extends to the first between bouts.

McGarry Boxing Club

On the first floor, the gym has a full set of weights and conditioning equipment.  It additionally includes several more hanging and standing punching bags, as well as training mats, treadmills, and bikes.

The Future of McGarry Boxing

Membership at McGarry’s Boxing Club is granted to boxers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Currently run by Marty’s son Morgan, the Club seeks to welcome serious boxers, looking to train hard and compete in local amateur and professional bouts. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please reach out to us at


McGarry Boxing Club